Getting ASP.NET SOAP calls to appear in Fiddler2

I’ve run into this situation several times at work and thought I’d post it so I’d have no excuse as to how to correct the issue. We were having issues with a webservice call; we were able to make the call successfully and we received *most* of the data. There was a specific section of the data that was missing. We use SOAP UI to view the response/response XML and we couldn’t see anything unusual. We decided to see the raw XML being sent and received. Fiddler2 (as useful as it is) doesn’t quite work with Visual Studio out of the box. You have to make a configuration change in order to see the SOAP messages going back and forth. I found this solution on stackoverflow but I figure it’s useful to anyone who should encounter problem.
The solution is to place a configuration element within your section in your web.config file.

    <proxy proxyaddress="" />

I didn’t see the protocol column explicitly display “SOAP” but if you look for the URL for the webservice, you can see the raw xml being transmitted.



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