RFC Octopus Data Center Manager

I’ve been using Octopus Deploy since early 2014. Around version 2.2 or 2.3 is when I started investigating Octopus and then implementing it in an enterprise scale environment. It’s been over a three year long journey for myself. A ton of changes have been made to Octopus during that time and it’s not without a sense of appreciation and respect that I have for the folks at Octopus Deploy in part due to fact that: it’s simply awesome very easy to use and understand it keeps getting Continue reading →

ThatConference 2016 – Microservices Minus the Hype: How to Build and Why

For my first session on Microservices, Mark Heckler (@mkheck) was delivering the presentation. I’ve never directly built or worked with microservices but I believe my future projects will involve microservices in one form or another – and preferably sooner rather than later. I felt compelled to visit this topic as I’ve always thought of microservices as SOA but much smaller in size and larger in quantity, but I definitely needed more information. Mark brought up the Play-doh principle which I wasn’t aware of but I believe Continue reading →

ThatConference 2016 Wrap Up

It’s been a real fun experience so far at ThatConference. This is my first time and while I’m pretty excited by all the topics/presentations, I also did an Open Space session on Wednesday on Octopus Deploy & deployment automation. This is totally different from the notion of a presentation. An Open Space session seems more like an open forum for discussion on a particular topic and a much more organic conversation rather than a planned presentation. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was a lot of Continue reading →

ThatConference, deep dives and more

It’s been way overdue since my last post but rest assured, things are happening behind the scenes. First and foremost, I am in attendance ThatConference! I’m very excited to go this year as I’ve read about it for the past two years. There are quite a few sessions just jam packed over three days and I’ll be posting on which sessions I attend and what I learn over the next few days. Next up – my deep dives which I’ve neglected to update in quite a Continue reading →


I’ve been noticeably absent for quite a few months. A lot has been going on since well.. for quite some time.  I’m amidst a major upgrade of Octopus from 2.5.13 to 3.2.24 and that latest version number could change again. My deep dive series has had a lot of delays, however I’m nearly finished with two deep dives on the horizon for next week. Additionally, I’ll be presenting at Chicago Code Camp this year on April 30th. I was hoping to do two presentations, one Continue reading →

Microsoft Band 2 battery issue

Two weeks ago on Tuesday, my Microsoft Band 2 started acting up. I’ve had zero problems or complaints with the device so far. Oddly enough, the Band 2 just stopped responding in the middle of the day. When I got back home to charge it – it complained that the battery had completely drained and I had to reset the date and time. That’s easy enough. I let the device charge for a little over two hours and everything was fine and working. I go to sleep and Continue reading →

Monday Music #15 Massive Attack

I’m two days behind for my music pick. One of my favorite bands for the past seventeen years (give or take a year) has been Massive Attack. The first time I recall hearing this song (Dissolved Girl) was back in 1999 in the Matrix. I was pleasantly surprised to also hear an earlier (but unreleased) version of Dissolved Girl in the movie The Jackal in 1997. Luckily, someone posted the unreleased version on YouTube. Here’s the Jackal soundtrack version – both with the same lyrics but Continue reading →