Octopus Deploy 2.4.2 pre-release comments

Yesterday, the Octopus Deploy team released version 2.4.2 (pre-release). Loaded with new features, this release is really worth while. Here’s the Octopus Deploy blog post about the new 2.4 changes. From their release notes, new features include:

  • Library tab – finally, variable sets are now accessible to teams whereas previously they were only available to admins on the configuration tab
  • Better built-in NuGet repository management – I don’t use the built-in repo but it’s nice to finally have some management tools around it
  • Step templates – this is a big feature that allows a template-based approach for steps across projects and teams
  • Script modules – finally we can share PowerShell scripts across projects! Accessible in the library tab makes perfect sense as well
  • Active directory groups in teams – another huge feature that’s pretty self-explanatory
  • Custom roles – I admit I’ve always issues with user management with the built-in roles; I’ll probably test this extensively over the next few weeks
  • Integrated Windows authentication – I use domain authentication so this is just a nice option to have for logging in
  • Keep a limited number of backups – this is a nice feature on backups; rather than just run out of storage space or manually delete old backups, this is a welcome automated feature
  • Customizable release number strategy – I didn’t think this was a big issue as the release number was pretty simple by auto-incrementing the previous version number. But this allows for a more creative, automated number strategy than before
  • Project Logos – it’s nice to have a visible marker to differentiate where you are while navigating. It can get a little confusing at times so having a passive visual cue is a nice bonus.

We installed it but only on a brand new server so I haven’t tested out these new features. I’ll be testing these features out over the next few weeks and I’ll make sure to post my findings.
Most of the features affect everyone to some degree. Things like step templates, Active Directory groups, the Library and script modules are all fantastic features. While some features may or may not be useful to you, the sum of all the parts is quite significant.
The Octopus Deploy 2.4 release should be completed within the next few weeks. There’s a free webinar on the new 2.4 changes which I’ll be attending. I’m still working (ok, I’m behind) on the NancyFX article and I’m hoping to release that early next week. Kudos to the Octopus Deploy team for a great release!



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