Seattle. Is. Awesome.

For full disclosure, I am a Seahawks fan so I admit my bias. That said, one of the big reasons I love Seattle is the seafood. Well, “glorious” seafood would be more accurate. Let’s start with a recap of the day.
The Seattle Code Camp was a lot of fun. It was a good sized crowd, I believe the number was around 280 people. Thanks to Nordstrom’s for sponsoring as well as a number of other sponsors. The code camp was well organized and ran smoothly. I only attended three sessions, but of those sessions, they were all interesting and the speakers were very good. But the few technical hiccups that didn’t really help me and some other speakers.
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Unfortunately there was no HDMI for my laptop in the room – only VGA (seriously). I had to plug into the projector directly which wasn’t too bad. I found it odd seeing as other rooms had HDMI, but the room I was presenting in didn’t have it. I was able to work around it with the help of some attendees. The other technical issue I had was with RDP (remote desktop protocol). Part of my demo was going to go to my Azure VMs to install an Octopus tentacle and deploy to it within a few minutes. Another presentation also had difficulties with RDP and they were forced to tether to a phone for access. I didn’t have the time or patience to setup my tether so I had to do without. Again, not a showstopper but definitely a problem if you need RDP for your demonstration.
The speakers were very good. I really enjoyed a two part discussion on advanced .NET memory debugging with Mario Hewardt (MSDN blog and Twitter). I definitely learned a lot about memory and debugging memory but ironically enough, it’s one of those skills I’m not sure I want to exercise in the field, but definitely worth knowing.
They’re already planning for next year (September – October) and I may sign up to speak again. Maybe I can present some more advanced stuff on Octopus Deploy or something else to bring to the table.

My wife and I are staying with friends and having a blast. After the camp, we went to Golden Garden’s Park for a gorgeous sunset.


Ray’s Boathouse for dinner. Ahi Tuna? Oh yessssssssss.


Mussels? Check.


Dungeness Crab Cakes? Yes, Please.


Shrimp tacos? Hell, yeah.

As usual, Seattle has treated me pretty well. I’ll be posting my slides from the code camp in a few days, but for now it’s time to relax.



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