So long 2014 – onward to 2015

To put it mildly, 2014 was a busy year for me. Looking back on all my posts, perhaps I’ve been a little too deeply invested in the world of Octopus Deploy. It’s hard since I work with it every day for the past year so naturally it’s always on my mind. And while I have a lot more to write on Octopus this year, I’m going to try to incorporate other projects and interests of mine to add some more variety. Some goals for 2015 include:

  • Windows 8.1 App Development – it’s been on my to-do list for quite a while. I’ve been wanting to get into developing Phone and Tablet apps with Visual Studio. I guess now is a good time as any to get moving on this.
  • ASP.NET vNext – When I’m not neck deep in the world of automated deployments, I’m usually doing ASP.NET MVC development or some sort of C# programming. I’ve got an idea for a project and I think leveraging vNext would be a nice intro.
  • Azure – while I use Azure Virtual Machines and WebSites, beyond that I don’t work with it much. It’s time to learn all the new Azure technologies that are available.

There’s more I’d like to dive into, but I figure it’s best to start with a small, modest list of things I want to learn. Here’s to looking forward to 2015!



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