Monday Music #3

In Chicago, everyday these past few weeks people have been talk about the Cubs in the playoffs. I’ve been a Cubs fan for a while, but this season for them has been remarkable regardless of the playoff outcome. While I’m not the most savvy baseball fan, there are a few baseball movies I gravitate towards: The Natural, Field of DreamsBull Durham and Mr. Baseball all come to mind. But one baseball movie that I really enjoy is Moneyball. I’d argue it transcends the baseball/sports genre but baseball is at it’s core. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. Today, for my music of choice to start off the week and get the Cubs back on track in the NLCS, is from the Moneyball soundtrack: The Streak. I’m not familiar with Mychael Danna’s work, but as far as the movie was concerned, it was spot on.



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