Monday Music #8 Thanksgiving edition

Today’s music isn’t music but rather a comedy act from Stan Freberg. It’s hard for me to not think about Stan Freberg during this time of year as it’s Thanksgiving week in the US. Ever since I was a young boy, my father always played (and continues to play) Stan Freberg’s The United States of America for Thanksgiving. It’s a funny sketch on the history of the United States and in particular, Thanksgiving. I’m fond of three particular tracks. If there is (or was) a list of historical satire acts and/or comedy routines, I imagine Stan Freberg presents The United States of America would at or near the top of that list.

It’s amazing to think of how I didn’t really understand the jokes at the time, but as I got older I appreciate not only the humor but a little of the history as well. How accurate the history is – I can’t say for sure, but Stan’s take on the events are hilarious.
*   Headphones from Marcos C., used under Creative Commons.



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