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From the frontline: Upgrading the Octopus Deploy Server

Note: I’ve had this post ready for months but completely forgot about it. It’s about four months out of date, but still interesting so I’ve decided to post it anyway. We’ve been planning on upgrading for months (since late 2014), but with a jam packed schedule it was difficult to fit in. On top of that, we weren’t sure which version to jump to: 2.5.12 or 2.6. We’ve been running on Octopus Deploy 2.5.4 since late July 2014 and while it’s been “working”, we were long Continue reading →

From the frontline: Octopus Server performance tuning

We’ve been running Octopus Deploy since 2.0 back in January 2014 as part of our head-to-head battle royale with Release Management 2013. We decided on Octopus in February and our pilot testing started in late March early April with a handful of teams and users. Our shiny server (*ahem* virtual machine) with Octopus Deploy was chugging along and we all had an oh so wonderful user experience. Since 2.0, we’ve upgraded steadily through the releases up to 2.5.4 as of late July and which we’re currently running. Over the past few Continue reading →

From the frontline: CPU utilization issue on Windows Server

In early August of this year, our staging and production Octopus servers as well as our NuGet server, started to suffer from a bizarre, non-stop, repeating spikes in CPU utilization. These spikes were occurring so frequently every minute that we had service interruption/downtime as the CPU utilization was at 99% for ten to fifteen consecutive minutes at times. Since we first noticed it in mid-August, we had been investigating independently and with help from our internal Windows support staff, as well as Microsoft. While Microsoft and the Windows support staff were able to narrow down the Continue reading →