The new iPhone is here! The new iPhone is here!

OMG the new phoneboo.. I mean iPhone is here!

Okay so it’s not quite here yet but another iPhone is upon us. As an iPhone owner (3G, 4 and currently 4S), I’m not too keen on sticking with Apple anymore. While the 4″ screen is definitely worth a look and the new camera looks very interesting but somehow, all the glamour has worn off of me and I’m just not that thrilled with Apple these days. A lot of these improvements are from 3rd party manufacturers. I’m not saying the iPhone 5 isn’t worth an upgrade but in terms of software innovation, I think Apple is starting to lag in comparison to the competition. Maybe they feel that even with all the updates, and the fancy new dock connector that most people would beg just to get their hands on one. And maybe they’re right. Apple made just enough solid changes to warrant another version, but nothing to completely blow out the competition and maybe that’s all they need to do.

I’m not too entrenched in the Apple ecosystem for which I am thankful for. Whether I consciously or unconsciously knew I would always consider leaving is debatable but I think my Apple iPhone days are over (pending other manufacturers’ products such as *ahem* Nokia, Samsung or HTC). I’ve only purchased two to three apps through the Apple AppStore and only one of which I’d really miss (namely Things), but it’s not enough to keep me from switching. I may have bought one or two songs so I could care less about music. I’m beyond pessimistic with Apple fixing iTunes within the better half of the decade.
But for all my minor complaints, I have to say that iPhone really did give me a great experience in comparison to other manufacturers at the time. For the past four years, I’ve been an iPhone owner and for the majority of the time, I liked it. The experience, the intuitive user interface and simplicity made me a happy owner. I’d also argue that the competition also did not understand it’s audience as well as Apple did.
As for what I use my phone for is a very limited set of functions (mail/calendar/phone) and a handful of apps. In terms of media, I love the way the iPhone works with Podcasts. And while the market situation is always in flux, I find myself with one foot out the door and looking to other horizons for my next smartphone however, I will say in defense of the iPhone: sometimes, more is less.



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