Farewell, Weeds.

Cast of Weeds (Season 3)

It’s been 8 seasons, 100 episodes and I found myself enjoying the series finale of Weeds on Showtime this past Sunday. The simple plot from the beginning of the series was intriguing and the seemly random but fortuitous chaos, destruction and disorder to (albeit) temporary bliss and harmony made Weeds a unique and entertaining show.

I really enjoyed the cast. I thought they were a great fit for the role they were given. Even cast members who’ve left the show were fantastic. The writers did a great job with the plot and dialogue. Over time, the plot has become extremely detailed with numerous relationships, trysts of fate, fortune, luck and utter randomness. I wouldn’t be surprised if some viewers didn’t like several seasons but overall I enjoyed them.
I found the series finale to be a nice send off as well. I didn’t like how Shane’s future was written; I thought the writers had just given up on him and focused on filling out Silas, Andy and other cast members stories. I won’t dive into detail right now but looking back at everything, I realize now that I can’t recall every little detail but as I was watching Weeds throughout the seasons, I had no idea what was coming next and I loved every second of it.
Weeds, you will be missed!



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