Automating Deployments with Octopus Deploy Presentation

Forgive me for my misuse of Internet memes to make points with the crowd. 🙂
[gview file=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Automating-Deployments-with-Octopus-Deploy-Final-20140521.pptx”]



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  1. Hi Ian,
    what would be the restrictions of Octopus? It seems that you projects are very oriented to .NET environment.

  2. VSTS comes with it’s release management.
    In that case does *”RM – high pricing! Octopus – simple and very affordable” still hold good.

    • This presentation is over 4 years old. Pricing has changed for both VSTS RM as well as Octopus and – to add to the mix of products, Octopus Cloud service is coming some time this year. So pricing-wise, I would not rely on this slide deck being accurate for either Octopus and VSTS.

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