Does Octopus version your deployment process?

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Stovell says:

    Great post Ian. Another angle to this is that Octopus takes “snapshots” of the deployment process (the steps) and variables each time you create a release.

    You can see these if you go to the Releases tab, then find an old release. You can see the variables included in the snapshot, and only the steps in the process when the release was created will be included.

    While audit events help by showing a diff, we could also do more to allow you to explore these snapshots (the data is there, just no UI) – hopefully we’ll get chance to add this feature in the future.

    • ianpaullin says:

      Thanks, Paul! Yes, I mentioned in my presentation that all saved releases are effectively snapshots and that the variables are preserved. That’s definitely a “versioning” mechanism within a deployment process.

      For the audience member who asked the question, I believe they were asking for a “diff” type mechanism and I thought of the audit, but I didn’t respond to it quickly and he had another question that took me off track. Of course it wasn’t until several hours later that I realized I forgotten to respond to that specific diff question. 🙂

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