Microsoft 'Fitness' Band released

Microsoft announced a new product that I don’t believe anyone was fully aware that was coming – a fitness tracker. By the looks of it, it appears to be a better than most of these smart watches that happen to do health monitoring. In Microsoft’s “Band” product (not sure about whether the name is good or not), it appears to be a fitness tracker first which also can tell time and works with your phone whether it’s a Windows Phone (it works with Cortana!), an iPhone or Android. It seems that other smart watch manufacturers try to keep users in their own ecosystem, but Microsoft’s platform agnostic¬†integration is definitely a feature I think other manufacturers neglected. This caught my attention so I placed an order for one that should arrive tomorrow. After losing my FitBit tracker earlier this year, I’m looking to get back onto the healthy bandwagon and I’m thinking the Microsoft Band may just be kick in the pants I need.



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