The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me. I had hoped to post an article or two over the past few weeks but there was too much to manage and I’ve had to push my posts to the side for the interim. This weekend, I tried moving the blog to another hosting service but things went badly and rather then try to resolve the issue, I scrapped the migration for next weekend. It seems like WordPress is fairly easy to move over, but there’s a lot of customizations I’ve done to the blog that didn’t come with so, I’ve got to do it the *right* way and actually test my migration before changing DNS to the new hosting service.
With that said, I’m also going to make some minor changes to the deep dive series schedule and hopefully blast several posts within the next two weeks. I’ve been writing numerous posts but I haven’t finished any and I aim to fix that over the course of the next two weeks.
I also wanted to mention that I’ll be presenting Octopus Deploy to the Software Development Community (SDC) in Naperville in early January 2015. You can find more details on the site for SDC here.



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