Chicago Code Camp 2015 – Octopus Ahoy!

I’ll be talking about Octopus Deploy at this year’s Chicago Code Camp on Saturday, April 18th at the Illinois Institute of Technology (starts at 8a to 5p). You can view all sessions here. I attended last year’s camp and it was really great. Lots of interesting speakers and topics.
I’ll be doing an intro to Octopus Deploy session (surprise, surprise). I always try to add new things that I’ve learned about Octopus for each presentation and I try not to regurgitate everything that I’ve done before. There’s a lot to cover and 60 minutes is really a short amount of time and taking into consideration any questions that come up, that really leaves me with 50 minutes tops.
But for this presentation, I’m going to try to jam in more cool stuff in the demo to really show off what Octopus can do. I usually do an ASP.NET MVC deployment – from TFS Online, pushing a NuGet package to and then deploying to an Azure VM. This time around, I may aim to add a database deployment and/or an Azure website. I haven’t made up my mind yet and 50 minutes really flies so I’d have to very little wiggle room to show all the juicy details.



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