SDC – "The S.O.L.I.D. Principles of OO and Agile Design" by Uncle Bob Martin

WP_20150415_007I’ve never seen Uncle Bob Martin before, but word of his presentations are nothing but exemplary. Last week on Wednesday the 15th, I attended Uncle Bob Martin’s presentation on The SOLID Priciples of OO and Agile Design at the Software Developers Community. There are speakers and then there are “Bob Martin”-level speakers. Engaging, intriguing and entertaining all-in-one. No slides. No demo. Just dialogue. All fantastic.
Going from the first programmer (Alan Turing) to present day we had a nice retrospective glance at programming over the past 70-ish years. From a historical perspective of languages and object-oriented (OO) programming, techniques and architecture, Uncle Bob really explained everything in such a way as to link all these seemingly detached events in time (Algo, Simula come to mind) and give a complete picture of why object-oriented programming is the way it is today. All the while we were shown common techniques in non-OO based languages, OO languages and the SOLID principles and their origin and application.
I don’t think I can explain all that I learned because, frankly, we covered a lot of ground and concepts. All that I can say for certain is: if you have the opportunity to go see Uncle Bob Martin live, by all means go.
ReSharper-logoAdditionally, I managed to win a prize! Yay! A JetBrains license code! I’ve upgraded my personal ReSharper 7.0 license to 9.0. Now I’m tempted to just buy the upgrade license for the ReSharper 9.0 Ultimate for dotMemory, dotCover and dotTrace. A big thanks to the sponsors, TekSystems and thanks to the SDC organizers!



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