Microsoft Band 2 battery issue

Two weeks ago on Tuesday, my Microsoft Band 2 started acting up. I’ve had zero problems or complaints with the device so far. Oddly enough, the Band 2 just stopped responding in the middle of the day. When I got back home to charge it – it complained that the battery had completely drained and I had to reset the date and time. That’s easy enough. I let the device charge for a little over two hours and everything was fine and working. I go to sleep and wear it again thinking everything is okay.
The next day, the same issue happens. Yet when I plug the Band 2 onto the charger, it reports 85% battery life. Hmmmm. Strange. So from Tuesday to Sunday I had enough of it. Calling the technical support line was a little cumbersome, but they recommended resetting the device. Unfortunately, that didn’t help either. But, as luck has it, there’s a Microsoft Store not too far away from me. Sunday, I was able to easily walk into the store – have them examine the Band 2 and simply replace it with a new one for me. By all accounts it was very painless. They transferred my warranty to the new Band 2 and that was that.
Maybe this is a small kink in the armor, but it’s hard to expect any device to be perfect. I’m just glad that the Microsoft store experience was painless and relatively quick. My new Band 2 works like a charm and I’m can’t say enough about how great the device has been in spite of this battery issue.



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