I’ve been noticeably absent for quite a few months. A lot has been going on since well.. for quite some time.  I’m amidst a major upgrade of Octopus from 2.5.13 to 3.2.24 and that latest version number could change again. My deep dive series has had a lot of delays, however I’m nearly finished with two deep dives on the horizon for next week. Additionally, I’ll be presenting at Chicago Code Camp this year on April 30th. I was hoping to do two presentations, one on Octopus Automation with C# and PowerShell and the other being Database Deployments with Octopus. The database presentation was accepted but not the automation with C# and PowerShell. Additionally, I’ll be starting my Octopus in the Enterprise series shortly as well as my head-to-head battle royale: Release Management 2015 vs. Octopus Deploy so stay tuned.



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