ThatConference, deep dives and more

It’s been way overdue since my last post but rest assured, things are happening behind the scenes. First and foremost, I am in attendance ThatConference! I’m very excited to go this year as I’ve read about it for the past two years. There are quite a few sessions just jam packed over three days and I’ll be posting on which sessions I attend and what I learn over the next few days.

Next up – my deep dives which I’ve neglected to update in quite a while and yet I have been working on them, it’s difficult to make any progress with our Octopus migration and rearchitecture from version 2.5.13 to 3.2.24. It’s quite a leap with a large number of changes and I will be posting a lot about it over the next few weeks. We are nearly complete with the majority of our project teams finished. As for the deep dives themselves, I’ll be publishing a few in the next week – finally.



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