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Thoughts on RAID article from ExtremeTech

Immediately upon posting my opinion about Joel Hruska’s article on ExtremeTech yesterday, I felt regretful. I’ve never had the talent for writing. I always appreciate reading from great writers as they’re able to both entertain and educate simultaneously. I figured maybe I was being too judgmental so I decided to give Joel’s article another chance this morning as perhaps I may have missed something critical. After doing so this morning, I realized I did, in fact, misread (or rather didn’t read) the second page header Continue reading →

RAID is not a backup solution except when it is

I’m not sure what Joel Hruska‘s article is pointing out at ExtremeTech. I’m approaching this article from the perspective a home user or an individual who is not running any business systems or infrastructure. According to Joel: RAID is not a backup. RAID is not a backup, ever. Not RAID 1, not RAID 5, not RAID 6. The “R” in RAID refers to redundant, not “backup.” While it’s true that a basic RAID 1 will protect against the sudden failure of a single disk, it’s Continue reading →