Windows 10 Tech Preview – first impressions

I think most people were surprised by the announcement of Windows 10. I’m not sure why the jump was necessary. Granted the number 10 is a psychologically satisfying number, it seems strange to jump over the version number 9; apparently no one wanted to be reminded about version number 8.
I, for one, didn’t mind Windows 8. I preferred 8.1 though. Many people whom I’ve managed to hit this OS version topic of conversation loathe Windows 8. The lack of a start menu really bothered people. While I did enjoy Windows 7, 8 seemed like a logical albeit strong step towards devices. That said, my first attempt using the Windows 8 Preview was awkward, painfully confusing and aggravating. Once more mature builds came out and then the CTP, I learned what all the changes were and I began to enjoy it more. Today, I don’t feel like Windows 8 was a bad experience, but it definitely wasn’t intuitive as Windows 7.
My initial impression of Windows 10, Microsoft seems to take a step back and merge the Windows 7 start menu with Windows 8 metro (er) whatever style it’s called. That said, I think it’s stylish and a really nice to view, but I do miss the Windows 8 Start screen in being able to view all the apps and swipe left or right. Having all that space now feels *really* cramped in that teeny tiny start menu. The large Windows 8 start screen made total sense for touch screen laptops and tablets. For the desktop? Not so much. I guess I’ll adjust to the hybrid start of Windows 7 and Windows 8’s intriguing looking love child.

My BIGGEST enjoyment was actually having virtual desktops. I had used 3rd party tools to mimic this behavior for years with XP. Linux users have built-in virtual desktops for most (if not all) desktop environments; Apple’s Mac OS X has also had this functionality for years now but for whatever reason, Microsoft had simply ignored it. Multiple desktops allow you to keep things organized and logically contained by “virtual” desktops. For those who throw caution into the wind and open files, folders, browser tabs with reckless abandon, it’s easy to get lost in your own crime scene of a mess. I forgot how much I missed this.
I’ll tinker more with Windows 10 Tech Preview. From what I can see, there’s just a lot of visual tweaks but I haven’t played around with it enough to see what’s really changed.



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