Initial thoughts on Octopus Deploy 3.0 – from RavenDB back to SQL Server

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2 Responses

  1. DamianM says:

    Just to be clear 🙂

    I said we shouldn’t change based on a SQL server backend. The way we’re building this (so far) means that semantically there shouldn’t be difference to the API. A release is still a release, a deployment is still a deployment etc.

    If we were to add new features / functionality to 3.0 there may be API changes, I’m not promising total stability. Just that we don’t *want* to introduce breaking changes, and today I don’t see any need to.

    (aka you’re not allowed to hate me if we were to change something….)

    Great post though, it is a big change. I like having something embedded and zero friction to install, but it’s far from zero friction to support. The SQL solution we’ve (Paul mainly) come up with looks to be not only faster, but should be much easier to support. We just need to nail the install experience.


    • ianpaullin says:

      Thanks for the clarification, Damian! It never occurred to me the ‘zero friction to support’ angle because, frankly, I wasn’t the one supporting it. 😉 In any case, I’m looking forward to 2.6 (first). One major release at a time for me. 😀

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