Octopus Deploy and RavenDB

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  1. Paul Stovell says:

    Another great article Ian!

    We’re adding one more setting to the backup page in the upcoming Octopus 2.4 release: # of backups to keep.

    For licensing, we have RavenDB ISV licenses so there’s no royalty per customer – amortised across all of our customers it’s probably less than $1 per customer.

  2. dalmiro says:

    I googled “Octopus RavenDB” and this article came out 4th on the results page.

    Nice one Ian.

  1. December 1, 2014

    […] This is a large paradigm shift within the Octopus Deploy universe. I can’t fault the Octopus team for moving back to SQL Server. In some ways, it seemed inevitable only because RavenDB knowledge within organizations was dwarfed or non-existent compared SQL Server DBAs and SMEs on hand. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that (typically) large companies have with RavenDB; they don’t have anyone on hand to support it. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post. […]

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