Microsoft Band 2 arrived!

I pre-ordered the Microsoft Band 2 back in early October and according to the UPS shipping tracker, it was scheduled to arrive on Monday. Fortunately, it arrived on Saturday so Sunday I had started using it to see what had changed.
Microsoft-Band-2After only using it for one day, it’s been a remarkable difference. The original Microsoft Band, while functional and resilient, was at best.. noticeable on my wrist. It felt clunky and looked worse than a watch, but the statistics it gave me was worth putting up with.  At a desk, it became very awkward to use while typing but I grew accustomed to it. Now over 24 hours later with the Microsoft Band 2, it’s clear to me just how much effort Microsoft put into fixing all the Band’s problems from last year.
Oddly enough, it’s larger then the previous version and it’s a welcome improvement. It’s far easier to read and use with a finger tip than before. My biggest complaint was charging the unit but they’ve completely done away with the old charging interface and came out with a much more solid and simpler implementation. I’m really glad they listened to the user base as I think the Band product has a lot of potential.
I’ll have a more in-depth review on the Microsoft Band 2 next week after I give it at least one weeks worth of usage.



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