Upcoming presentation at Chicago ALM Users Group

I’ll be presenting tomorrow on Tuesday, November 3rd at Microsoft-Downers Grove 3025 Highland Pkwy, Ste 300, Downers Grove from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for the Chicago ALM Users Group. I won’t be covering Octopus Deploy basics but more rather more intermediate to advanced topics such as customization and automation with .NET and PowerShell.
The primary goal is to show how we’ve extended Octopus Deploy using the REST API with C# or PowerShell and how people can get started. Hopefully, I can cover small organizations to large enterprises. I’m hoping to just convey the REST API as an extremely valuable aspect of Octopus Deploy and to get people to start using it. I’m going to try to cover a few demos but time always seems to go by too quickly and perhaps I’ll trim things down a bit. I’ll be publishing the slides tomorrow after the presentation.



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  1. Hi, I attended the meeting (which I found incredibly informative, by the way). You mentioned during it that you were planning on putting the slides online. Are those available somewhere? I haven’t seen them.

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