Minor change in plans for Octopus Deploy Series

My current Octopus Deploy Series so far has been more focused at a high/conceptual level. They’ve been a lot of fun to write and to piece together how Octopus’s components and mechanisms complement one another for both the developers’ and users’ benefit. I originally intended to do a deeper dive into Octopus Deploy and I think my initial estimates of time were underestimated. I think the detail requires much more attention and research than my previous articles which would inevitably require more time and testing (and possibly videos). That said, Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy and RavenDB

Octopus Deploy uses RavenDB (Wikipedia) as it’s database. Many Windows applications typically fall onto the SQL Server platform for a database but Octopus Deploy went in a different direction. Paul Stovell, the author of Octopus Deploy, addresses why he chose RavenDB over SQL Server and other variants on the Octopus Deploy blog post: How Octopus uses RavenDB. Part of my article is rehashing what Paul Stovell mentions in his blog post. It’s an excellent post that really gives some perspective about why they chose RavenDB. I’ll give my own perspective on Continue reading →

Intro to Octopus Deploy

I’m kicking off my Octopus Deploy series with my presentation on Octopus Deploy for the Chicago .NET Users Group tonight. It was a great meeting and I think a lot of people got a lot of good information on Octopus Deploy. Programming in the .NET world has made remarkable strides over the past ten years. From frameworks like Entity Framework, MVC, to language enhancements such as LINQ, lambda expressions, anonymous methods, extension methods and so on, all added value to the .NET ecosystem. However as Continue reading →