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Monday Music #15 Massive Attack

I’m two days behind for my music pick. One of my favorite bands for the past seventeen years (give or take a year) has been Massive Attack. The first time I recall hearing this song (Dissolved Girl) was back in 1999 in the Matrix. I was pleasantly surprised to also hear an earlier (but unreleased) version of Dissolved Girl in the movie The Jackal in 1997. Luckily, someone posted the unreleased version on YouTube. Here’s the Jackal soundtrack version – both with the same lyrics but Continue reading →

Monday Music #13 Happy New Years

I’m not off to a great start this new year as I’m already late with this weeks Monday Music post. So without further delay, my pick for this week is from Tamacun Rodrigo and Gabriela. They’re a great acoustic guitar duo from Mexico. I’ve been listening to them for a few years off and on again. Tamacun is a very popular track, namely it was played in AMC’s show Breaking Bad. Regardless, the duo are amazing and they should be the ones breaking in the Continue reading →

Monday Music #12 Boards of Canada

I’m a week behind, but I’m blaming the holidays for missing last week’s Monday Music. Last week the weather in Chicago and nearby suburbs was oddly warm, wet and cloudy. But today, we have a mix of rain and snow (aka sleet) and the clouds looming overhead make for a fairly gloomy day thus far. Today’s music is from Boards of Canada, which I’ve mentioned before in a previous Monday Music which seems a bit redundant, but I really do enjoy their music for these kind of gloomy/grey (gray?) days. Continue reading →

Monday Music #11 Daft Punk

This weekend, I noticed a new documentary on Showtime: Daft Punk Unchained. It never occurred to me that I’ve been listening to them for over 15 years. Their more recent work – Random Access Memories and the Tron Legacy Soundtrack are both amazing in and beyond their own genre. I was blown away from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack as they managed to nail the blending of electronic music as the backdrop of a major motion film. For this Monday’s Music, I’m selecting two of their works. One from Continue reading →

Monday Music #10 Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland died last week on Thursday, December 3rd. I really loved Stone Temple Pilots their music and lyrics. They were really a staple CD (remember those?) I often listened to. It’s a shame Scott had terrible addiction that took his life. He will be missed – or at the very least, his performances and works will be missed. For today’s Monday Music, I’m going with STP today in memory of Scott.  

Monday Music #9 Holiday Edition

The week of Thanksgiving in the US ends with Black Friday and the following week starts with Cyber Monday. Along with these consumer-based traditions, I typically dig into the holiday playlist. Vince Guaraldi with Charlie Brown is a staple holiday jazz classic for me.