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Octopus Deploy Series Conclusion

Over the past few months, I’ve tried to show how Octopus Deploy works, how the design choices that the Octopus team made affect you and why these choices are beneficial. In retrospect, deployments should have evolved in parallel to the technology at hand, but history does not support that thesis. Deployments can be unique and complex and considering the wide range of components involved it’s easy to see why so little progress has been made. From operating systems, databases, patches, updates, configuration settings, network addresses, ports, firewalls, services, Continue reading →

Octopus Deployment Basics

For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing Octopus Deploy in terms of it’s components, architectural design and benefits of said design decisions. In this article, we’re going to bring everything together to see the sum of all the parts. Everything starts with NuGet. Octopus works with your applications as NuGet packages and distributes them to the appropriate server. PowerShell is equally important as it’s the glue that makes all customization for our deployment process possible. And whatever isn’t built into Octopus can be slapped onto Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy and NuGet

At this point, we’ve taken a high-level perspective as to the technologies that Octopus Deploy utilizes. One of the pillars of Octopus Deploy is NuGet. In my opinion, without NuGet, Octopus Deploy could not exist. What is NuGet? In a nutshell NuGet is an open source package management system for .NET. It allows for the downloading and installation of any files into a .NET solution or project. For most, if not all Windows developers, NuGet is practically ingrained in development. Here’s a screenshot of the NuGet Package Manager Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy and NancyFX

It’s been a few weeks since the last article on RavenDB. So today, moving forward on the Octopus Deploy series, we’re going to talk about NancyFX. Octopus Deploy switched from IIS to NancyFX for it’s internal web host for their 2.0+ version. Why the switch from IIS? Paul gives his thoughts on the switch in his blog post titled Designing the Octopus Deploy 2.0 HTTP API. To summarize Paul’s post, Octopus moved to an API-first model. This radical shift ultimately made using IIS a less optimal choice. Paul admittedly said the web portal Continue reading →

Step template gallery coming to Octopus Deploy

On a webinar call with Paul Stovell today, one of Octopus Deploy’s new step template feature will have a public gallery to share common step templates with the community. It’s going to be a very cool, very useful and a most welcome feature to be added to Octopus Deploy! The details haven’t been published yet to my knowledge, but what this means for all Octopus users is that there will be a community driven, step template library available to all for download. This is such a Continue reading →

Can you deploy specifically to Windows XP machines in Octopus Deploy?

I was asked at the CNUG meetup last month on Octopus Deploy on how to target Windows XP machines. At first, I didn’t have a good answer. I thought at the time the best way was to group all the Windows XP machines in an environment. After that presentation, it bugged me a little afterwards that I didn’t mention Roles. First off, I’m not sure if tentacles can be installed on Windows XP. If anything, there is a 32-bit version of the tentacle that *might* work and if XP Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy 2.4.2 pre-release comments

Yesterday, the Octopus Deploy team released version 2.4.2 (pre-release). Loaded with new features, this release is really worth while. Here’s the Octopus Deploy blog post about the new 2.4 changes. From their release notes, new features include: Library tab – finally, variable sets are now accessible to teams whereas previously they were only available to admins on the configuration tab Better built-in NuGet repository management – I don’t use the built-in repo but it’s nice to finally have some management tools around it Step templates Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy and RavenDB

Octopus Deploy uses RavenDB (Wikipedia) as it’s database. Many Windows applications typically fall onto the SQL Server platform for a database but Octopus Deploy went in a different direction. Paul Stovell, the author of Octopus Deploy, addresses why he chose RavenDB over SQL Server and other variants on the Octopus Deploy blog post: How Octopus uses RavenDB. Part of my article is rehashing what Paul Stovell mentions in his blog post. It’s an excellent post that really gives some perspective about why they chose RavenDB. I’ll give my own perspective on Continue reading →

Configuring Octopus Deploy and Tentacles

Installing Octopus Deploy is a fairly trivial task. Updating Octopus Deploy is a slightly different story, but I’ll address that in another article. TL;DR I’m diving into registering tentacles and servers as that’s the most challenging part in an Octopus Deploy installation if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain. I’ll address some possible issues that may crop up and how to avoid them. I’m not going into great detail how to install the server and tentacles as it’s pretty simple and there are documents direct from Octopus Deploy’s documentation Continue reading →

Octopus Deploy Series

I’m currently outlining a series of articles on Octopus Deploy. I’d like to think of it as another user manual but I digress. I may add more topics but for now this is what I intend to publish in the upcoming weeks. Intro to Octopus Deploy (2014-04-07) Installation (Server and Tentacles) Configuration (Server and Tentacles) Configuring Octopus Deploy and Tentacles (2014-04-18) Octopus Deploy and RavenDB (2014-04-23) Octopus Deploy and NancyFX (2014-05-08) Octopus and NuGet (2014-05-20) Octopus Deployment Basics (2014-06-03) Web Applications Databases (SQL Server) Windows Services Azure PowerShell