Octopus Deploy Customization and Automation with .NET and PowerShell Presentation at ChicagoALM Users Group

Last week, I gave an introduction to Octopus Deploy Customization and Automation with .NET and PowerShell. It was a great crowd and after the presentation, I had a lot of questions to take. I had meant to upload this sooner but as I got home, I was greeted with the first (and hopefully last) seasonal flu and was out sick for the remainder of the week and frankly the weekend as well. Here’s the slide deck from that presentation.

Monday Music #6

Last week, I had a great Octopus Deploy presentation at the Chicago ALM Users Group in Downers Grove. Promptly afterwards, I got the flu which I haven’t had in quite a while. From Wednesday to Friday I was completely out of commission. I started antibiotics on Friday for an ear infection and while everything has improved, my hearing has been significantly better. So to start this week off, I’m listening to yet another soundtrack. From Gone Girl and from the awesome duo of Trent Reznor Continue reading →

Microsoft Band 2 arrived!

I pre-ordered the Microsoft Band 2 back in early October and according to the UPS shipping tracker, it was scheduled to arrive on Monday. Fortunately, it arrived on Saturday so Sunday I had started using it to see what had changed. After only using it for one day, it’s been a remarkable difference. The original Microsoft Band, while functional and resilient, was at best.. noticeable on my wrist. It felt clunky and looked worse than a watch, but the statistics it gave me was worth Continue reading →

Upcoming presentation at Chicago ALM Users Group

I’ll be presenting tomorrow on Tuesday, November 3rd at Microsoft-Downers Grove 3025 Highland Pkwy, Ste 300, Downers Grove from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for the Chicago ALM Users Group. I won’t be covering Octopus Deploy basics but more rather more intermediate to advanced topics such as customization and automation with .NET and PowerShell. The primary goal is to show how we’ve extended Octopus Deploy using the REST API with C# or PowerShell and how people can get started. Hopefully, I can cover small organizations to large enterprises. I’m Continue reading →

Monday Music #4

Today’s music is yet another soundtrack. I’m a huge fan of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s work. Their work is remarkable. The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl are a few of the movies (that I know of) that they’ve composed scores for and each soundtrack is distinctly unique and matches the mood set by director David Fincher (a personal favorite director of mine). There music tends to be of the “dark and ominous” genre but as a soundtrack lover, Continue reading →

The Zen of Deployment Automation Retrospective

Every now and then, I’m asked by one of our Octopus users: “Sometimes we need to change one or two files. Can I just deploy one or two files?” It’s at this point, I place my elbows on my desk and put my head in my hands. And I thought I was bad at letting go. Let me backtrack a little. Several weeks ago, we had a team meeting as we were inundated with numerous requests and it’s been one of our operations sore spots. When you Continue reading →

Monday Music #3

In Chicago, everyday these past few weeks people have been talk about the Cubs in the playoffs. I’ve been a Cubs fan for a while, but this season for them has been remarkable regardless of the playoff outcome. While I’m not the most savvy baseball fan, there are a few baseball movies I gravitate towards: The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Mr. Baseball all come to mind. But one baseball movie that I really enjoy is Moneyball. I’d argue it transcends the baseball/sports genre Continue reading →

Monday Music #2

It was a pretty busy weekend at home so I like to ease into the week with something slow and energizing. One of my favorite artists for the past few years has been Boards of Canada. I heard one song (Music is Math) of theirs back some ten years and it was an interesting hook. I’ve bought their CDs, Microsoft Zune (aka Xbox Music) and now through Spotify, they are a permanent fixture within my playlists. I absolutely love their work and it’s still hard for me to describe them. Continue reading →

Monday Music #1

It’s Monday. I’m “trying” to be a morning person. No, really. I’ve got to start somewhere. Anyway, Lifehacker recently posted: “The Most Popular Songs to Shower to, According to Spotify“. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with Spotify and to that extent, the majority of Spotify users. I start the day with one of two songs depending on the context of the morning. Tycho – Awake For the calm, ordinary (and especially slow) mornings, I cannot start up without this song. Not only does the title say “Awake” Continue reading →